September 22 - 27, 2019

International Conference on Magnet Technology


The MT conference series is the most important international forum addressing all aspects of magnet research, development, construction, testing, and operation. The focus lies in superconducting technology, but resistive magnets are also covered. We expect around 1000 of the top scientists and engineers involved in research and development of the magnets throughout the World.

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It is my pleasure to invite you to the 2019 Magnet Technology Conference MT26. The MT conference series is the most important international forum addressing all aspects of magnet research, development, construction, testing, and operation. The focus lies in superconducting technology, but resistive magnets are also covered. We expect an attendance of around 1000 of the top scientists and engineers involved in research and development of magnets throughout the world.

Vancouver will be host city for the Magnet Technology Conference MT26 in 2019. TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, will be the host organization. The tradition of past MTs will be continued in a convenient downtown location: just 25 minutes from the airport YVR by public transport, all accommodations, restaurants and attractions in downtown are in walking distance.

Peer-reviewed papers submitted by conference attendees will be published in a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (TAS).

We are looking forward to a diverse and exciting conference program and invite you to come numerously.


Ruediger Picker, Conference Chair


Temperatures for September

September average temperature 14.4°C 58°F
September high 19°C 65°F
September low 11°C 51°F



Fall (September - December)

Temperatures in Vancouver get cooler in the fall, but the changing colour of the leaves make it a spectacular time to visit.


September can be the start of the rainy season so we recommend attendees to bring raincoats and umbrellas.

Electric Current

Electric current is 110 Volt

electric plug
Wall socket and plug: Image shows a classic plug with two flat parallel prongs and one with a grounding pin.

Tipping and Currency Conversion

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Important Dates

Early December, 2018

Abstract Submission Opens

Mid December, 2018

Exhibit Registration Opens

February 25, 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline

March 30 – 31, 2019

Program Committee Meeting

April 29, 2019

Abstract Acceptance Notification

May 1, 2019

Conference Registration Opens

May 1, 2019

Hotel Reservation Opens

May 15, 2019

Exhibit Applications Due

May 22, 2019

Exhibit Booth Assignment Announcement

June 5, 2019

Financial Support Applications Due

August 7, 2019

Early Registration Fee Deadline

August 21, 2019

Hotel Reservation Deadline

August 23, 2019

Registration Cancellation Deadline

September 22 – 27, 2019


September 24, 2019

Manuscript Submission Deadline


MT26 will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Vancouver


Located in the heart of downtown, the Hyatt Regency Vancouver is the perfect location to stay for both business and leisure travelers. Guests will enjoy easy access to exciting attractions, like the unique shops of Robson Street and Stanley Park. From the moment you arrive at our downtown Vancouver hotel, you will feel right at home. Welcome to the Hyatt Regency Vancouver!


Accommodations information will be made available in May 2019.




map of hyatt  

Hyatt Regency Hotel Vancouver



About Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is located on the mainland of North America, in the southwest corner of British Columbia, which is the westernmost of Canada's ten provinces. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal range mountains, providing plenty outdoor activities, winter and summer. It is being said Vancouver is the only major city where you can go skiing and take a dip in the ocean on the very same day (without freezing too much). Having hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, it offers rich cultural diversity, spectacular scenery, world-class meeting facilities and a wealth of amenities. Conference venues, accommodation, restaurants, theatres, and recreational opportunities are readily available in this beautiful Pacific Coast location. Vancouver has all of the services necessary to accommodate every need and ensure that MT26 is a success. The city has an international reputation of being a great place to host conferences.


Travel documents and visas

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a new entry requirement -- now in effect.

What you need to know to come to Canada:



Do I need a visa or eTA to come to Canada?

To find out for sure, check here:


To request an invitation letter to attach to your Visitor's Visa application please send your request by email to

Author Information


call for abstracts


Click the image to download the MT26 Call for Abstracts in PDF format.




Scope of the Conference
The MT26 Conference is the most important international forum addressing all aspects of magnet research, development, construction, testing, and operation.

The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for the exchange of coil and magnet related technology as well as design and analysis techniques, to diffuse in the scientific community new applications for coils and magnets, to provide an exchange between research activities and industrial applications, and to encourage professional scientists and engineers to follow careers in magnet technology and its applications.

The subject of the conference is the technology associated with the construction of coils and magnets. Coils can be part of devices for power, energy, transport and other applications. Magnets for generating magnetic field can either be of electro-magnetic nature comprising turns of a current carrying conductor or be of a permanent magnetic material.

The scope includes structural and insulating materials, superconducting materials, normal conducting materials, cooling technology including cryogenics, power technology, design and analysis, instrumentation and measurement techniques, testing and operational experience.

  • Publications related to the magnet-supporting technologies must contain sufficient description of the magnet device itself, or address specific issues of the interfacing the magnet unit or component with the rest of system, or description of the uniqueness about a magnet or its component for the particular system application.
  • Generic study of a non-magnet technology, system or device that fail to incorporate at least one of the criteria above might or might not be accepted for presentation at the Magnet Technology Conference

The scope of the conference can be captured in the following list of subjects:


Magnets for Particle and Nuclear Physics 


Superconducting Accelerator Magnets


Resistive Accelerator Magnets


Wigglers and Undulators


Fast cycling Accelerator Magnets


Particle Detector Magnets


Magnets for Fusion


Superconducting Magnets for Fusion


Resistive Magnets for Fusion


Magnets for High-Field Facilities


Superconducting and Hybrid High-Field Magnets


Resistive and Pulsed High-Field Magnets


HTS Insert and Model Magnets


Magnets for Medical, Biological, and Analytical Applications


Magnets for NMR


Magnets for MRI


Magnets for other Medical and Biological Applications


Magnet Technology for Power, Energy, Transport, and other Applications






Wind, Wave, and Tidal Generators


Levitation and Magnetic Bearings


Energy Storage / SMES


Transformers and Fault Current Limiters


Magnetic Separation


Space Applications


Novel and Other Applications


Conductors and Materials for Magnets


Low Tc Wires and Cables


MgB2 and Iron-based Wires and Cables


ReBCO Wires and Cables


Other High Tc Wires and Cables


Cable-in-Conduit and other Internally Cooled Conductors


Joints between Superconductors


Current Leads, Links, and Bus bars


Structural Materials for Magnets


Electrical Insulation for Magnets


Other Magnet Components


Magnet Test, Analysis and Design Tools


Quench Detection and Protection Systems


Quench and Normal-Zone Behavior


Stability of Conductors and Coils


Losses in Conductors and Coils


Magnetization and Field Quality


Mechanical Behavior and Stress


Multiphysics Design and Analysis


Novel Diagnostics and other Techniques


Small Test and Model Coils


Conductor and Coil Test Facilities


Associated Technologies for Magnets


Cryostats and Cryogenics


Power Supplies and Flux Pumps


Other Associated Technologies

Abstract Submission Information


The abstract submission process is managed by the Integrated Digital Conference (INDICO) tool hosted by CERN.


To submit an abstract and for all further follow-up actions, such as submission of your poster and oral presentation, you must have CERN Lightweight account.


If you do not already have a Lightweight account, click here to create an account. When creating your account:

  • Provide your e-mail address, your first name, last name, institute, and agree to the terms.
  • Click on the blue button “Register”.
  • You will receive an email notification to confirm your account registration.


If you already have a CERN Lightweight account already, please login to the MT26 Indico abstract submission site.  When logging into the submission site for the first time, you will be asked to create your Indico account for MT26. Please make sure your affiliation is correctly listed. For help with your password reset, please click here.


Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. All abstracts, presentations and papers must address an aspect of the magnet technology associated with the construction of coils and magnets. The subject matter should be technically oriented and feature new, original developments in the magnet technology. Abstracts must be written in the English language, must contain enough information to permit placement of the presentation into the program, and must make logical arguments based on scientific or engineering methods. The Program Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that do not conform to these guidelines.


All co-authors must be entered into the abstract submission system. Contact information is required for the Submitting Author and the Presenting Author/Speaker (which may be, but are not necessarily, the same person). Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all submitted information.


Abstract Acceptance/Rejection notifications will be sent electronically on April 29, 2019. Acceptance of an abstract for presentation does not guarantee publication in the conference transactions.


Any author presenting at MT26 must be a registered participant.


All authors of accepted Oral and Poster abstracts are expected to submit their presentations via the Indico site by the first day of the Conference, September 22, 2019. All Plenary, Oral and Poster presentations will be available to all conference attendees.


Add “” to your address book to ensure that future correspondence is received.


Click here for detailed Abstract Submission Guidelines.

This deadline will be STRICTLY observed in fairness to all potential presenters. The deadline will not be extended. Abstracts that are not submitted to the submission site by the deadline will only be considered at the discretion of the Program Committee Chair.

Financial Support

MT26 has specifically allocated a limited amount of funds to provide financial assistance to participants who are presenting at the Conference and can demonstrate that they would not be able to attend without such assistance.  Student and non-student participants may apply for financial assistance that will waive the registration fee and/or provide for a travel stipend in exceptional cases.

Note that an accepted abstract is required as it is expected the participant will be giving a poster or oral presentation. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, June 5, 2019. This deadline is firm as awards will be announced no later than Tuesday, June 25, 2019. Any travel stipend portion of the award will be distributed to students at the Conference. Further details on the method of reimbursement will be communicated to the award recipients. Awardees will have to accept or decline no later than Tuesday, July 9, 2019.

In order to request financial assistance, applicants must submit an abstract by the deadline of February 25, 2019 and plan on presenting at the Conference. Financial assistance will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Student Applications
Any full-time student participating at the Conference is eligible to apply. After application submission, the selection committee may request additional information from the student or supervisor to verify student status or the nature of the course of study.


Non-Student Applications
Any registrant participating in this Conference can request financial support and high priority will be given to exceptionally deserving candidate who cannot otherwise participate.


What You Need to Submit Your Application

In order to submit your application, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Title of abstract submitted to MT26
  • Abstract submission number received after submission was accepted
  • Copy of your abstract submitted to MT26 (you will copy and paste the information into your application)
  • Description of your research in two sentences
  • A statement telling the committee why you should be considered for financial support
  • Resume file to upload with your application
  • A recommendation on letterhead from your academic supervisor (students) or supervisor/colleague (non-students) confirming relevance to MT



International Committee

Mark Bird, USA (NHMFL)

Pierluigi Bruzzone, Switzerland (CRPP)

Haigun Lee, Korea (Korea University)

Luis Garcia-Tabares, Spain (CIEMAT)

Fedor Gömöry, Slovakia (SAS)

Hitoshi Kitaguchi, Japan (NIMS)

Ziad Melhem, UK (Oxford Instruments)

Antti Stenvall, Finland (TUT)

Neil Mitchell, France (ITER)

Riccardo Musenich, Italy (INFN)

Mathias Noe, Germany (KIT)

Rüdiger Picker, Canada (TRIUMF)

Subrata Pradhan, India (IPR)

Lucio Rossi, Switzerland (CERN)

Bruce Strauss, USA (DoE, IEEE)

Herman ten Kate, The Netherlands (University of Twente)

Pierre Vedrine, France (CEA)

Vitaly Vysotsky, Russia (VNIIKP)

Liye Xiao, China (IEE CAS)

Program Committee

Michael Parizh, USA (GE)
Giorgio Ambrosio, USA (FNAL)
Naoyuki Amemiya, Japan (Kyoto University)
Kathleen Amm, USA (Brookhaven National Lab)
Satoshi Awaji, Japan (Tohoku University)
Amalia Ballarino, Switzerland (CERN)
Mark Bird, USA (NHMFL)
Nikolay Bykovsky, Switzerland (CERN)
Luisa Chiesa, USA (Tufts University)
Tim Coombs, United Kingdom (Cambridge University)

Antonio della Corte, Italy (ENEA)
Iain Dixon, USA (NHMFL)
Yutong Fang, China (Zhejiang University)
Paolo Ferracin, Switzerland (CERN)

Ramesh Gupta, USA (Brookhaven National Lab)
Tim Haugan, USA (U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory)

Kohei Higashikawa, Japan (Kyushu University)
Sasha Ishmael, USA (Lupine Materials and Technology)
Anna Kario, Germany (GSI-FAIR)
Takanobu Kiss, Japan (Kyushu University)

Hitoshi Kitaguchi, Japan (NIMS)
Haigun Lee, South Korea (Korea University)
Cesar Luongo, France (ITER)
Luigi Muzzi, Italy (ENEA)
Tatsushi Nakamoto, Japan (KEK)

Gen Nishijima, Japan (NIMS)
Mathias Noe, Germany (KIT)
Toru Ogitsu, Japan (KEK)
Subrata Pradhan, India (IPR)
Soren Prestemon, USA (LBL)
Emmanuele Ravaioli, Switzerland (CERN)
Tiina-Mari Salmi, Finland (Tampere University of Technology)
Charlie Sanabria, USA (LBL)
Federico Scurti, USA (North Carolina State University)
Bruce Strauss, USA (DoE, IEEE)
Herman ten Kate, Netherlands (University of Twente)
Vitaly Vysotsky, Russia (VNIIKP)
Qiuliang Wang, China (IEE CAS)
Liye Xiao, China (IEE CAS)

Local Organizing Committee

Rüdiger Picker (Chair)
Michael Parizh (Program Committee Chair)
Jana Thomson (LOC Chair)
Francis Pau (Treasurer)
Dana Giasson (Website Design)
Norman Muller (Conference Engineer)
George Clark (LOC Advisor)

Michael Coffey (Exhibit Chair)

Luisa Chiesa (Editor in Chief)

The conference will be managed by Centennial Conferences.



Exhibit, Support & Advertising

MT26 Exhibit

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Exhibition of the 26th International Conference on Magnet Technology, which takes place at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.


The industrial exhibition space will be arranged to provide maximal exposure to the conference delegates during poster sessions and breaks.  We invite you to share information about your company and experience the many vibrant and interesting areas in Vancouver.


We hope to see you in Vancouver!



Exhibit Details

Exhibition Dates & Times (tentative*)


Conference Dates

September 22 – 27, 2019


Exhibitor Move-In

Sunday, September 22

12:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.


Exhibitor Registration

Sunday, September 22

02:00 p.m. – 07:30 p.m.


Exhibition Times

Monday, September 23

09:00 a.m. – 04:30 p.m.


Tuesday, September 24

08:30 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.


Wednesday, September 25

08:30 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.


Exhibitor Reception

Monday, September 23

06:30 p.m. – 08:30 p.m.


Exhibitor Move-Out

Wednesday, September 25

04:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.

*Exact times for the exhibit will be determined after the technical program is finalized in May 2019.


Booth Fees
Single Booth, 10’ x 10’ (3m x 3m)           $3,700 CAD
Double Booth, 10’ x 20’ (3m x 6m)          $6,200 CAD


Booth Information
Included with a 10’ x 10’ Booth:

  • An 8’ (2.4m) high pipe and drape back wall and 3’ (1m) high side walls.
  • One 6’ x 2’ (1.8m x 60cm) skirted table and two chairs.
  • Two Exhibit Booth Representative Registrations (includes access to all technical sessions, coffee breaks, the Welcome and Exhibitor Reception).
  • One ticket to the Banquet on Thursday night.
  • One 7” x 44” (17.78cm x 111.76cm) booth identification sign.
  • One manuscript submission (if abstract was accepted for presentation)
  • One electronic copy of the published transactions (tentative publication date is June 2020)


Exhibit Files


For questions regarding the MT26 Exhibit, please contact the MT26 Show Management as follows:

Centennial Conferences
908 Main Street, Suite 350 | Louisville, CO 80027
Tel: [001] 303-499-2299 | Fax: [001] 303-499-2599


MT26 Support & Advertising Opportunities

Supporting MT26 gives you and your organization direct access to hundreds of influential experts and key decision makers in the Magnet Technology industry. It is an excellent way to demonstrate your organization’s support of the conference while helping to offset expenses including costs for junior scientists, students and colleagues who could not otherwise afford to attend.


Supporters and Advertisers will be acknowledged as follows: Company name, logo and web link will appear on the MT26 website, in conference related informational emails, on appropriate signage displayed during the conference, on pre-plenary session looping slide, ribbons on name badges, and in the conference transactions (selected peer reviewed papers will be published in a special issue of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, tentative publication date: June 2020).


The support levels below reflect the minimum contributions however, you are most welcome to increase the amount.  Please contact Centennial Conferences if you are interested in providing support other than listed below.


Click here for detailed support & advertising opportunities in PDF format.




MT26 recognizes that a thriving international network of professional communication is critical to ensuring rapid advancement in magnet technology. Toward this end, MT26 welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with other technical societies and organizations in co-support or endorsements of special sessions.

Plenary Sessions

$3,500 CAD (one exclusive supporter per plenary)


General Support

$1,300 CAD

Scientist & Student Support

$1,300 CAD

Young Scientist Plenary Session

$2,500 CAD

Special Sessions (non-plenary)

$2,000 CAD (one exclusive supporter per session)


Conference Backpack

$5,500 CAD (each, two advertisers)

Promotional Materials & Inserts for Conference Backpack

$1,500 CAD (multiple advertisers)

Individual items of use to conference participants may be provided by the advertiser and included in the delegate bags (approximate quantity = 1000). Each item is $1,500. Examples of accepted items are listed below. Other branding opportunity ideas are welcome!

Pens (3)
Flash drive
Sticky note book or set 
“Visit us at our Booth!” coupon
Note pad

20 Year pocket calendar
Promo company leaflet or tri-fold
Luggage tags
Business Card Holder
Microfiber eyeglasses/phone cloth


Lanyard for Badge Holders

$4,500 CAD

Conference On-site Publication Advertising


The Conference On-Site Publication will be utilized by participants throughout the Conference. The MT26 publication’s front and back covers will be in color on glossy paper, with the inside text pages printed in black and white.

Advertisement opportunities are as follows:

Outside back cover (color) $2,500 CAD - SOLD
Inside front cover (color): $2,000 CAD - SOLD
Inside back cover (color): $2,000 CAD - SOLD
Full page internal (black and white): $1,300 CAD (multiple advertisers)


Other branding opportunity ideas are welcome!





The deadline for advertising opportunities in the Program Book is August 26, 2019.


All materials for insertion into conference bags must be received by Levy Show Services, the contracted MT26 exhibit decorator, by September 9, 2019. Information concerning shipping materials to Levy will be provided along with the invoice. No refunds or returns will be given for materials received after the deadline and not inserted into conference bags.


The organizers reserve the right to decline ad copy and promotional material deemed unacceptable in tone or character or that may detract from the scientific and educational nature of the conference.  Pre-approval is required.


Payments must be received to secure the support/advertising item. Partial payments will not be accepted. Payments are accepted by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Wire Transfer.  Checks must be in Canadian dollars drawn on a Canadian bank and made payable to IEEE MT26 2019. For payments by bank wire transfer, a fee of $15 CAD will be applied to all incoming wires.


No refunds or returns will be given for materials received after September 9, 2018 and not inserted into conference bags.



For questions related to support and advertising opportunities, please contact:

Centennial Conferences

908 Main Street, Suite 350 | Louisville, CO 80027 | USA
Email: | Phone: +1.303.499.2299


Bruker EST

Bruker Energy and Supercon Technologies (BEST) is a global leader in superconductor solutions, providing an unmatched range of products that meet the needs of healthcare, academic and industrial companies and organizations worldwide. In close cooperation with our

customers, we design, develop and deliver product solutions that are at the heart of a majority of the superconductor magnets worldwide. They enable innovators to build leading edge healthcare and industrial products, as well as to conduct fundamental research, such as the search for the origins of the universe and sustainable clean energies.


Cryomech, Inc.

Cryomech’ s superior products provide hundreds of customers with custom-built Cryocoolers, Helium Liquefiers, Liquid Nitrogen Plants and ULT Cryostats. We craft solutions that help our customers get things done.

We are the original innovators:

• The world's largest 4K Pulse Tube Cryocooler

• The world’s largest single stage GM Cryocoolers for operation at 77 K and 30

• The most extensive line of GM and PT Cryocoolers on the planet

• Fully integrated, closed-cycle refrigeration for applications below 2K

• Open-cycle to closed-cycle helium conservation with our Helium Liquefiers and Recovery systems

• Ultra Low Vibration 1K and 4K Cryostats




CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.

CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. (Pride Cryogenics) is a technology oriented company concentrated on the development and manufacturing of cryocoolers and cryogenic engineering application devices. Pride Cryogenics' products include 4 K GM cryocoolers, 10 K GM cryocoolers, 77 K GM cryocoolers, cryostats, helium reliquefier, gas recovery, purification and liquefaction systems and other customized cryogenic systems.




Demaco Holland bv

Demaco is the leading knowledge driven cryogenic infrastructure partner for industrial gas companies, scientific institutes and EPC contractors world-wide. Our team of cryogenic specialists, Cryogeniuses, is committed to supporting our partners in their daily effort to transport and condition all liquefied gasses. By advising on, designing, engineering, manufacturing, testing and installing customer specific vacuum insulated solutions of superior quality, we continuously provide the highest yielding infrastructure in the industry.




Fujikura Ltd.

Fujikura Ltd., has been the global leader of developing rare-earth-based 2nd Generation High-Temperature Superconducting wires over 20 years. We sustain this title by producing best performance wire with higher critical current, longer piece length and higher uniformity for longitudinal critical current distribution. Prospective applications of our superconducting wires are now widely spread from electrical/industrial equipment to medical and measuring instruments. Our superconducting wires are committed to not only be improving quality of human life but also have great potential for industrial innovation and saving natural resources.




General Atomics

General Atomics (GA) is a world leader in electromagnetics and superconducting magnet technology. GA is currently fabricating powerful pulsed superconducting magnet modules for ITER, an unprecedented international tokamak facility that aims to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of nuclear fusion. When completely assembled, the ITER Central Solenoid will have a peak field of 13.1 Tesla with 5.5 GJ of stored energy.

Magnet research at GA has led to discoveries and spinoff technologies in medical diagnostics, cryogenics, energy storage, transportation, semiconductors, and defense applications. GA leverages its research for the U.S. government and private industry, delivering solutions ranging from next-generation nuclear reactors to remotely operated aircraft and electromagnetic systems including the EMALs systems to electromagnetically launch airplanes from aircraft carriers.



Supercon, Inc.

SUPERCON has been manufacturing low temperature NbTi and Nb3Sn superconductors as standard and specially designed wire and cable since 1962. Many of Supercon’s standard conductors, from 0.025 to 2.0mm diameter, are available from stock A wide variety of custom composite metal wires is also available. We can deliver research quantities to OEM requirements from stock.




Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.

The SHI Cryogenics Group, an integral part of the Precision Equipment Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., is a leading worldwide provider of innovative cryogenic solutions to magnet technology and other research communities. With offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, it has been producing quality cryogenic equipment for over 50 years. SHI's renowned engineering departments continue to focus on the latest cryogenic technologies, including innovative Cryocooler, Pulse Tube, Shield Cooler and Helium Compressor designs. Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc. is the North American Division of the SHI Cryogenics Group, focusing on design, manufacturing, sales and service.


Tesla Engineering Ltd

The Tesla Engineering Ltd group of companies consist of Tesla Engineering Magnet Division, Tesla Engineering Gradient Division, Everson Tesla Incorporated and Futura Composites. This group of companies are dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of resistive and superconducting electromagnets, gradient coils, composite materials, generator coils, motors and consultancy to the science, medicine and industrial markets. We can utilise the skills, expertise and facilities of the group companies to offer a complete design and manufacturing solution, together with help and advice for system integration and outstanding service support.



Cryomech logo

History of MT Conferences

International Magnet Technology Conferences have been organized since 1965.

Sequence number, city and country as well as conference dates are given in the table here below:


MT-1 Palo Alto, USA 1965, September 8-10
MT-2 Abingdon, UK 1967, November 11-13
MT-3 Hamburg, West-Germany 1970, May 19-22
MT-4 Long Island, USA 1972, September 19-22
MT-5 Rome, Italy 1975, April 21-25
MT-6 Bratislava, Czechoslovakia 1977, August 29 - September 2
MT-7 Karlsruhe, West-Germany 1981, March 30 - April 3
MT-8 Grenoble, France 1983, May 5-9
MT-9 Zurich, Switzerland 1985, September 9-13
MT-10 Boston, USA 1987, September 21-25
MT-11 Tsukuba, Japan 1989, August 28 - September 1
MT-12 Leningrad, USSR 1991, June 23-28
MT-13 Victoria, Canada 1993, September 20-24
MT-14 Tampere, Finland 1995, July 11-15
MT-15 Beijing, China 1997, October 20-25
MT-16 Ponte Vedra Beach, USA 1999, September 26 - October 2
MT-17 Geneva, Switzerland 2001, September 24-28
MT-18 Morioka, Japan 2003, October 20-24
MT-19 Genoa, Italy 2005, September 18-23
MT-20 Philadelphia, USA 2007, August 27-31
MT-21 Hefei, Anhui, China 2009, October 18-23
MT-22 Marseille, France 2011, September 12-16
MT-23 Boston, USA 2013, July 14-19
MT-24 Seoul, Korea 2015, October 18-23
MT-25 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2017, August 27 - September 1
MT-26 Vancouver, Canada 2019, September 22-27
MT-27 Fukuoka, Japan 2021, November 15 - 19

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